All The Girls Were Born in Summer

  Laura posing in one of Bratislava parks in her most favorite season of the year-summer. Bratislava, Slovakia Advertisements

Turtle Posing

Turtle posing for photoshoot in the Museum of Sciences in Valencia, Spain.

Magical Zhuliyana in Finsbury Park

Zhuliyana from Bulgaria enjoys sunny walk in Finsbury Park, London UK.

Spring Discovery

Little boy walk around the blossoming flowers, spring has arrived! Hyde Park, London.

“Johnny Cash Ended In The Trash”

Johnny Cash ended up in one of the streets in Shoreditch. The mirror shows he would love to walk away from it, but sometimes the wall holds him tight. London, April 2014.

Hearts Are Growing Wherever We Need Them

Sodaba picks the hearts at the  Northampton Square, London.

Brad And Angelina’s Breathtaking Entrance at The World War Z Premiere

Brad And Angelina’s Breathtaking Entrance at The World War Z Premiere, Leicester Square London.

Find ‘The Valetine’s’ Within Yourself

Emma from Dorset thinks Valentine’s is a day like every other, Tower Bridge, London.

Happy Girl

  Smiling girl in front of the cathedral in the historical centre of Zadar, Croatia.

Look Up For The Answer

Martina from Italy in Islington, London.

Cormorant Flies To The Sun

Cormorant takes the spring away and flies to the open Sun. Regent Park, London UK.

Social Media Have Stolen Cupid’s Arrows

Love is everywhere in Shoreditch, London.

Vivaldi’s Four Seasons in Hyde Park

Young musician plays Vivaldi’s Four Seasons – Spring in Hyde Park, London.

Love is Red

A senior couple in Greenwich, London.

Street Poet Rhymes Against The Government

Young homeless poet writes poems against the British Government, Shoreditch, London.

Take a Seat In Shoreditch

Old armchair in the streets of Shoreditch, London.

Sunday at Waterloo Skatepark

  Young boy at the Skaters’ Park, Waterloo London.

Women Against Male Violence Protest

Young girl at the ‘Women Against Male Violence’ Protest, 8th March 2014 Oxford Street, London.

Sunset in High Tatras

Stunning sunset in the mountains of High Tatras, Slovakia.

Elina Lost And Found In Camden Town

Elina from Greece enjoys crowded streets of Camden Town, always full of surprises, London.

Dive Into The Magic of Kirtan

Kirtanist gets ready for his performance, Covent Garden, London.

To Bee or not to Bee?

Bee hives, Dunakiliti Hungary.

To Face the Sun is to Face Life

  Young man is relaxing near the lake in Hyde Park, London UK.

What Happened In Rwanda 20 Years Ago?

World is commemorating one of the world’s biggest human tragedies when up to 1,000,000 people have been killed at a rate – over just 100 days. My published article:

Dubrovnik From Above

City of Dubrovnik from above, Croatia.

The 10 Book Endings That Never Ended

Squirrel’s dinner time

Squirrel eating a walnut in London’s St James Park

Baby raven looks to future

Baby raven in London’s St James Park

Everyone’s traveling in London

  Pigeons on travel in London’s St James Park

Kirtan-Peaceful Hysteria

I drink the last sips of black coffee on my way to the Swiss Church in Covent Garden. I give my spare change to an old, bearded, homeless man, who leans on the… Continue reading

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